Sunday, 23 November 2014

Smiggle Blogging Event

Last Thursday, I went to the Smiggle event in the Birmingham Bullring. I had been to the Solihull store before, but just for a quick browse. It was actually really fun to explore with stationery store with all the bloggers! Even though I no longer need stationery as much as I used to in school, it was hard to resist all the wonderful products that were presented to us. 

Smiggle gifted us with a great goodie bag (I got a pen, a pencil case, the cutest macarons erasers EVER and a lolly) and a cool advent calendar. I can't wait to the use the advent calendar and see what little surprises I'll get every day. 

Smiggle has a lot of stationery, but they also do cute games, headphones, radios, etc. It's a pretty good store if you're looking for a Christmas gift, especially for the younger crowd. But they also had a few things that would be suitable for anyone, including diaries, headphones, and pens. Who doesn't like pens? Is that just me?

How cute. Literally everything in this store was cute.

Apparently, it some of the larger stores, they have a scribble bar where kids can make doodles and stuff. How awesome is that?

So many bloggers and so many children.

I loved this! It was basically a giant poster filled with characters for you to colour in. I'm pretty sure this would be the perfect way to de-stress after a long day. Plus, how amazing would it once it's all colored in?

I would never want to use these erasers, they are too cute to use. A lot of the products in Smiggle are meant to be tactile and colourful to really improve a child's learning abilities. I thought it was really interesting that the company puts so much thought into their product and how it can affect a child's learning - instead of simply trying to make things look pretty.

I would have gone mad for these as a kid! I always wanted super colourful items to bring to school, and these bags/lunchboxes are so adorable. I love how everything in the store isn't gender-specific (except for a few things) because even a little girl could go for a red panda ninja lunchbox.

Milk carton pencil cases!

How genius is this pencil? It has the times table on it!

Have you been to Smiggle before?
You might want to give it a look if you need stocking stuffers!
Or are just obsessed with stationery like I am.


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