About Me

Welcome to that dreaded about me page. Can I really ramble on about myself for a whole page? I'll give it a good try, if that's okay. My name's Rebecca (but I much prefer Becca/Becky/or any other variations of my name), and I'm a Canadian expat living in the UK since June 2014. I've moved here right after finishing up University (any Concordia grads out there?), and I joined the boyfriend in the Birmingham area. 

I studied Communications at Uni, and I'm currently working as a travel consultant. I love write about all things beauty, fashion, life, and films. I love watching movies and television, so expect a few entertainment-related posts! I started this blog as a hobby, and it's also become a way for family/friends to stay in touch with my day to day life.

Feel free to contact me through any social media! You've got all of my links in the sidebar, but you can also find the complete details under the "Contact Me" page. I love talking to like-minded people in the blogging community, especially since I'm in a new country for the next couple of years.


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